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 Mose T From A to Z: The Folk Art of Mose Tolliver By Anton Haardt
"Mose Tolliver used to hang his paintings in a tree outside his home in Montgomery, Ala., pricing them at one or two dollars a piece," writes Anton Haardt in Mose T. From A to Z: The Folk Art of Mose Tolliver, a dynamic biography, lushly illustrated, by the woman whose eponymous Magazine Street gallery has perhaps the city's most extensive inventory of high-quality works by black Southern folk artists. 

We know you will want to read Mose Tolliver¹s incredible story.  For additional information on Mose Tolliver you may visit the website for the Anton Haardt Gallery in New Orleans at

$46.00 plus $5.00 Shipping

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Dial, Thornton Movie Star 





Thornton Dial  



 002 Finster, Howard Jesus 1300.00 
Howard Finster    
 003 Finster, Howard Lithograph 500.00 
Howard Finster    
 004 Finster, Howard Wipe Rag 1300.00 
Howard Finster    
Folk Art Galllery Info    
 006 Gibson, Sybil painting Flowers 1374 800.00  Sybil Gibson    
 007 Gibson,Sybil painting Wild Face 1781 700.00  Sybil Gibson    
 008 HOLLEY,LONNIE-Painting The Wheel 900.00  Lonnie Holley    
 009 HOLLEY,LONNIE-Painting Egyptian 500.00  Lonnie Holley    
 010 Huichol Yarn Painting 700.00  Huichol Art    
 011 Livingston, Calvin Blues Bird 500.00  Calvin Livingston    
 012 Livingston, Calvin Red Man 800.00  Calvin Livingston    
 013 LIVINGSTON, CALVIN-3 painting 500.00  Calvin Livingston    
 014 LUCAS, CHARLIE PAINTING Horse 800.00  Charlie Lucas    
 015 LUCAS, CHARLIE PAINTING My cup 800.00  Charlie Lucas    
 016 MOSE TOLLIVER BOOK By Anton Haardt 46.00  Mose T    
 017 Persons, Leroi Woodcarvings 800.00 
Leroi Persons    
 018 Purdy, James Bird 600.00  JAMES PURDY    
 019 Purdy, James Man 600.00 
 020 Rice, WC Cross 500.00 
WC Rice    

 021 Robertson, Royal 800.00  Royal Robertson    
 022 Robertson, Royal 800.00  Royal Robertson    
 023 Rogers, Juanita 500.00  Juanita Rogers    
 024 Rogers, Juanita 500.00  Juanita Rogers    
 026 SHARLHORNE, WELMON Art 800.00  Welmone Sharlhorne    
 025 SHARLHORNE, WELMON Art 800.00  Welmone Sharlhorne    
 027 Sudduth, Jimmie Lee 800.00  Jimmie Lee Sudduth    
 028 Sudduth,,Jim Lee painting 1200.00  Jimmie Lee Sudduth    
 029 Tolliver, Mose 1200 
Mose T    
 030 TOLLIVER, MOSE-Mose T PAINTING - 1300  Mose T    
 031 Tolliver, Mose-Mose T PAINTING - 1800.00  Mose T    
 032 Walker, Inez Portrait 1200.00  Inez Walker    
 033 Walker, Inez Portrait 800.00  Inez Walker    
 034 White, Willie 800.00  Willie White    
 035 White, Willie 800.00  Willie White    
 036 White, Willie Alligator 800.00  Willie White    
 038 Williams, Chuckie 800.00  Chuckie Williams    


 Run Toward the Sun: Remembering Juanita Rogers By Anton Haardt
Run Toward The Sun: Remembering Juanita Rogers a supernatural true story of Juanita Rogers,
 a black  self- taught artist from the South  This is a story about a  African -American  woman
and a young priviliged white woman -both artists . Behind this double biography is a soulful sub-text that acknowledges the force of friendship,and the fears and strengths that shape and
change the lives of not only these two women, but all of us. A story of two bold women, 
 both  who chose not to make safe choices. One is rich and one is poor. Both are from the South, and both are
artists. They become friends. Through their friendship, each on their personal quest, they  travel through 
their own a rite of passage and  gain a better understanding of themselves and each other. It is a story woven with 
a curious thread...and the devil may care duet of this   unusual friendship  is true.

Juanita Rogers born near Montgomery, Alabama, in 1934 began "making mud" as a child. Using cast-off materials and easily found material such as mule and cow bones, fossil shells, and mud dug from the woods near her house, her primitive existence was reflected in her work. Although Juanita firmly denied any connection with voodoo or hoodoo, perhaps in her work she unconsciously nurtured a dwelling place for a spirit, giving it an identity and personality. She treated her mud work with an unwavering sense of mission, even though her eccentric ways and compulsive urge to create segregated her from the outside world.  A select retrospective of Juanita Rogers' work  is planned in the near future, and the  book Run Toward The Sun: Remembering Juanita Rogers by Anton Haardt  will be published  soon. Saturno Press is looking for a Distributor for the  upcoming book.


Juanita Roger's work has been accessioned by museums in the United States and  Europe, including such prominent collections as L' Aracine Museum in Paris,the Art Brut Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland and the Outsider Archives in London. Her sculptures and drawings began to arouse interest even before her death, and knowledge of her story has increased every year since. 

Baking in the Sun (1982) and Retrieval:  Art in the South (1984) were among the first exhibitions to highlight her work.  As interest in the “mud woman” increased, her works became more sought after by private collectors as well. She was, for example, one of the celebrated artists included in What It Is:  Black American Folk Art, a survey of the private collections of the folk art scholar Regenia Perry (1982) and Parallel Visions, a touring exhibit of the Rosenak Collection (1995)

Juanita’s work has garnered the acclaim of many collectors and curators.  Her work was included in such exhibitions as: 

Baking in the Sun:  Visionary Images from the South (1987)

Curator Sal Scalora’s Women of Vision:  Black American Folk Artist 

 Gifted Vision: Black American Folk Art  (both 1988)

 Passionate Visions of the American South:  Self-Taught Artists from 1940 to the Present, assembled by New Orleans Museum                      of Art Curator Bill Fagley (1994)

 Andy Nacisse’s Mojo Working (1999)

 Are We Alone (2000) American Visionary Museum Exhibit of Extraterrestrial Visions. 


Juanita Rogers Photograph By Anton Haardt
Juanita Rogers Photograph By Anton Haardt
Juanita Stonefish Sculpture