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Reviewer Materials

 This Reviewer  Page is  under Construction. Soon   there will be  a revised Book Reviewer Link, where   you  can link to   Reviewer  Materials.  Click to Download with caution  as  the files  are  quite  large  to  dowload.
The  Run Towrd the Sun: Remembering Juanita Rogers By Anton Haardt  Reviewer Material contains:

1.   Book Review Reply Form

2.   USA Today article  on  "outsider" art

3.   Gambit Weekly article introduces Anton Haardt and tells of her experiences with Mose Tolliver.  Article also mentions Haardt's essay on Juanita Rogers that was published in Souls Grown Deep: African American Vernacular Art of the South

4.  Anton Haardt Gallery two-sided flyer promoting Juanita Rogers

5.  Juanita Rogers extract (two-sided) from Souls Grown Deep: African American Vernacular Art of the South

6.  Cover page from ENVISION explaining the excerpt taken from Anton Haardt's original manuscript on Juanita Rogers

7.  Albuquerque Journal  Press Article on Raw Art collectors Mr. and Mrs. Rosenak (two pages) with photo of one of Juanita Rogers' paintings

8.  Book Review Reply Form

Book Items

  Juanita Rogers book cover (preliminary)

Table of Contents

 Introduction by Tom Patterson, folk art scholar

Three chapters with photos

Three art section page spreads


References (preliminary)