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Rhonda Lerche

Here's what our customers are saying...

"In terms of the art history of our country, I would say in comparing Tolliver's work to Picasso - Mose's art is of equal value - you can hang beside a Picasso and you have the same kind of creativity and deep personal vision."

Robert Bishop, Director of the American Folk Art Museum

"Haardt leaves no doubt that Mose Tolliver has made a lasting contribution to the cultural memory of the South."

Jason Berry, Best Selling Author

"Locomotives behind artists are as necessary as the art itself, and thanks to Anton Haardt, many of our regional artists have been able to live and even flourish from their craft."
Nall - Artist, Writer, Director of Nall Foundation

"Bill and Hillary Clinton gave Ted and I a Mose Tolliver painting as a wedding present. I smile every time I pass it no matter what else my day has brought me. That's art."

Mary Steenburgen,
Academy Award Winning Actress

"I must thank Anton Haardt for sharing Mose's story with us. It's an excellent story and excellent journal of an amazing artist who will see fame in his own lifetime after a disaster that caused him to pick up a paintbrush  and share his inner thoughts with us."

Tyrone V. Banks, Author of "Under the Melting Pot"

"Mose T, A to Z is the first book dedicated to Tolliver's work... Haardt's true heart comes through in this book... a worthy investment for fans of Mose, aficionado's of folk art and curious readers everywhere".

Clarence V. Reynolds, "Black Issues" January - February 2005

"Haardt gives a brief, yet highly informative, definition on each of Tolliver's whimsical monikers for his paintings. This book should hold a special appeal for those who have come to know and love the old man on Sayre Street, and may capture interest of art enthusiasts worldwide."

Cane Bowden, "Kudzu Review," Montgomery, Alabama August 2004

 "I couldn’t help but to think that Haardt is perfect to write this book. The book clearly illustrates the connectedness of life. Mose T did not create to impress. The book’s author created the book with that same spirit.  Mose T A to Z: The Folk Art of Mose Tolliver is a book to be enjoyed and treasured now and for years to come - just like Mose Tolliver’s work."


Denise Turney, Author, Radio Host


"Author Anton Haardt lets us see beyond the artist into the personality of a complex man who took defeat and turned it into victory, an example for all. I'm happy to recommend Mose T as an introduction to folk art, a field I know little of, and a starting point for learning about the artists who create that art.  Definitely a book worth reading."

Anne K. Edwards (aka Mary Emmons), Book  Reviewer, Author


"Haardt and Tolliver could not be more different. As the Foreword notes, Haardt was an 'accomplished young woman from a socially prominent Alabama family' while Tolliver was a 'middle-aged, partially disabled African American painter.' But, they were both artists in Montgomery Alabama. Haardt has given the world an opportunity to know Tolliver the way she did. Haardt’s book is a must-read for art lovers, as well as for those who think art is only for the wealthy."

Bernadette Geyer, Author, Freelance Writer, Editor, Strauss Fellowship Recipient


"The field interested in self-taught artists is consistently asking for scholarly works of definitive analysis, works which extend beyond biography, interesting as it may be. This book is not that endeavor. It is rather a love letter written by a friend and fellow artist, Anton Haardt. Her artistic eye and sensibility gives an important dimension to the publication.  She writes about their friendship in this seventy-three page publication."

Georgine Clarke, Visual Arts Program Manager for the Alabama State Council on the Arts in Montgomery


"Collector Anton Haardt describes the life of the extraordinary man and the seminal exhibit that propelled Mose T to fame and helped solidify the importance of folk art to American culture."

Alabama Heritage Magazine, Issue 90, Fall 2008


"Mose T A to Z: The Folk Art of Mose Tolliver is a colorful tribute to the popular Montgomery folk artist known simply as Mose T. Author and artist Anton Haardt knew Mose Tolliver well and captures his creative, whimsical spirit. Haardt cleverly chose 26 of Mose T's pieces from her private collection and features them in the book. Quotes from Mose T and photographs of him are included in the book. Montgomery is a city full of many talented artists. We are proud to call Mose T one of them, and thankful that Anton Haardt gave him the recognition he deserved."

Martha Rouse Gates, excerpted from Special to the Montgomery Advertiser Journal, 2008


"Mose T/ A-Z: The Folk Art of Mose Tolliver is the first retrospective solo showing of work by Tolliver since his death in Montgomery, Alabama from pneumonia on October 30, 2006. The exhibition was organized by the Anton Haardt Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana. The exhibition is based on the forthcoming book of the same title written by gallery owner Anton Haardt.  The exhibition consists of 26 works representing each letter of the alphabet. The alphabetical 'pictorial essays' are not limited to a two dimensional format."

Dallas Museum Review, 2007